Hi friend, I am Carrie

...your genuine joy catcher!

My passions live in the space of faith, community, and boat loads of cheek aching laughter. 

I am a Southern Millennial (though I hate to admit it) raised in Florida by a family of teachers and a village of friends. When I am not snapping photos, I am enjoying time with my sweet girls and my loving husband. You'll also catch me making a mess in the kitchen, remodeling our home, playing volleyball or working as a nurse practitioner.  

  ... with a food blog called "When Carrot Met Salad", a playful nod to When Harry Met Sally! 

It all started out

I started my photography adventure by writing recipes and taking photographs of my latest kitchen concoctions with my new fancy camera. However, through that experience I learned pretty quickly that I am a PEOPLE person. While I still thoroughly enjoy cooking my eggplant, quinoa, or salmon they could only give me  so much fulfillment, yah know? 

So, I started photographing close friends! An opportunity to photograph my best friend’s nephew just days after he was born was gifted to me, and I was done for!  Huge hearts, tiny toes, nervous-but-excited mom and dad... This was what I wanted to be photographing and exactly what my soul needed! I still get just as excited before every session!

Photography was a gift to me...

...in a time when I had started believing the only chance I would have to love on a newborn was through photographing them.

...blessed us with two miracle girls!


lots of prayer,

tested faith,

an abundance of support,

and a little bit of science,

After the birth of our first daughter, I quickly realized the importance of freezing time and capturing sweet, genuine moments of our family.

Like many other new moms I also learned the value of getting those memories off my phone, onto our walls, and into books! Since starting in 2017, I have photographed families from the very beginning - she said yes! - to multiple generations gathered together and every celebration in between. When I share a new gallery my heart smiles and I am overjoyed to have caught you in the act of being authentically you. 

"Carrie has such a special eye for this…even more than others, these photographs will truly be cherished forever. They’re everything and more I could have hoped for."

mg, six month milestone session

I believe...

You are beautifully and uniquely made!

God lovingly gave me the gift and passion of photography to catch that beauty and show you just how much you and your family shine.  

Every season deserves to be celebrated!

It deserves to be celebrated and invested in! Portraits are a worthy investment that will only grow in value over time!

You should enjoy your portrait session fully!

My hope is for you to arrive feeling confident and to leave with cheeks aching from laughter! I want you to be ecstatic to receive your gallery!

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